Tiger Nation

Tiger Nation uses social media to help wildlife conservation.

Tiger Nation

Belle Media helped create a vibrant platform and community of interest supporting wild tigers in India. Tiger Nation also provides a database of tiger activity, aiding long-term research.

The platform crowd-sourced photographs, news and journalism from field researchers, naturalists, professional photographers and from tourists. Initially focused on India, which is home to half of the world’s remaining wild tiger population, the site will ultimately cover all the tiger territories. Tiger Nation’s software analyses photographs uploaded to the site and identifies individual tigers from their unique stripe patterns.

Belle Media advised on all areas of the business and brought in a partnership with leading wildlife charity Born Free.

Belle Media was a founding sponsor of the biennial Wildlife Tourism Awards in Delhi for TOFT (Tour Operators for Tigers).

Kay put together a Tiger Nation launch event in conjunction with publishers Stacey International to coincide with the release of “Where the Wild Things Were” by renowned conservationist Stanley Johnson.