2012 Media Skills Training Programme

The 2012 Media Skills Programme was an important initiative Belle championed in the run-up to the London Olympics. The programme tied in with our work on promoting plans to create a new Media Quarter on the site of the Olympic Media and Broadcast Centres after London 2012.

2012 Media Skills Training Programme

Employment opportunities for this part of East London were always seen as a key aspect of any successful Legacy and the 2012 Media Skills Programme was set up to hit the ground running. Creative Way organised the project and Kay represented the Broadcast Centre Legacy Group (which she chaired) and presented the awards at this milestone event. Winners attended a summer school in digital media run by Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication – one of the most respected training organisations in the country – and the winning films were shown on The Community Channel.

Kay has a longstanding commitment to training and mentoring and over the years has been involved in a number of projects to promote media training, digital skills and the teaching of STEM subjects in schools. Kay was on the board of the Skillset 2012 Media Skills Training Programme.

Belle Media retains an ongoing connection with the Community Channel and they produced the film on the Poppins project.

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