England 2018 World Cup Bid

Belle Media was asked to write the Media Services Section of 2018/22 World Cup Bid Book.

England 2018 World Cup Bid

As part of the Bid each Bid Nation is required to explain exactly how they intend to ensure that they can accommodate all the technical requirements that are necessary for flawless world-wide television coverage of the Tournament and that appropriate facilities are available in each and every venue for the world’s radio, print and on-line media.

The location of suitable camera platforms, cable routes, communications, graphics, power all had to be documented, together with the locations of press facilities such as Mixed Zones Conference Rooms and desk space. All this had to be identified for each stadium, together with central facilities such as the International Broadcast Centre and an International Press Centre.

The temporary nature of the event, the different scale of facilities needed as the tournament progressed and the range of stadia being proposed all required a considerable degree of detailed work to ensure FIFA’s requirements had been met in each and every location.

It was also of course necessary to ensure that sufficient flexibility existed to cope with any emerging requirement (the bid was effectively for a tournament 7 years in the future).