Artem Digital

Richard has worked with entrepreneurial businesses for over 10 years and helped establish Video Games/Feature Film and Broadcast specialists, Artem Digital.

Artem Digital

Artem Digital provided Motion Capture services and developed innovative software and technology, including a new, pioneering, performance-driven, 3D facial animation system, nVisage.

Artem ran their own 8,000 sq ft West London studio, but frequently worked on location including projects in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Madrid and Dublin.

One of Artem Digital’s biggest projects was the “swords and sandals” epic Troy, starring Brad Pitt, for which Artem delivered over 10,000 seconds of 3D motion capture animation data. Artem helped populate battle scenes and crewed the 1,000 digital ships launched to rescue Helen of Troy.

Other epic features included; Alexander, King Arthur and Kingdom of Heaven – in all three projects, in addition to human character animation, Artem was asked to create lifelike horse animation.

Perhaps the most unusual project was for Harry Potter in which Artem, using dog motion-capture, delivered the savage CGI werewolf.

Jason Bourne – the agent with no past required ground breaking facial animation in what became one of the most successful film franchises – The Bourne Ultimatum. Matt Damon came to Artem Digital’s Studios for nVisage facial capture.

Photographs courtesy of Artem Digital