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Tigeropolis – The Grand Opening – Waterstones Notting Hill Gate, London

Posted by Kay on October 20th, 2016

The long-awaited second instalment of our acclaimed tiger saga was launched at Waterstones on Tuesday night. A lively group of over 60 gathered to hear the story behind the latest book, to enjoy more of Matt’s delightful illustrations – and also learn more about what’s happening to the tigers in India in real-life.

The Tigeropolis books are aimed at Children (8-12) and mix fun and adventure with a dash of conservation. The series follows the dramas of a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Tiger cubs, Bittu and Matti,their Mother Tala and their old Uncle Raj all live in Tigeropolis – an out-of-the-way, down-at-heel wildlife park, somewhere in Northern India.

The family may have managed to convince the ‘authorities’ that Tigeropolis should be saved from the threats in Book 1, but they now have to make Tigeropolis work as a popular attraction. In ‘The Grand Opening’ we see the tigers come up with some inventive ways of pulling in the crowds, whilst coping with a Maharaja out for revenge as well as unhelpful ‘officialdom’.

See the Tigeropolis website – for more tiger facts and fun.
The book is available from all good booksellers and online. It’s also available direct

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