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Hurricane Hutch

Posted by Richard on May 1st, 2015

Nice to see that Hurricane Hutch is still selling – in fact Glasgow University Visitor Centre has just become the latest outlet to stock the book.

They were keen to take it in time for the opening of their Lusitania Exhibition commemorating the torpedoing of the famous Clyde built RMS Lusitania on 7th May 1915 off the coast of Southern Ireland. The exhibition is at the Hunterian Museum, and runs until 23rd August.

We’ve actually sold some 900 copies since we first published the book – which is pretty good going for what could be seen as a special interest title.

One of the ‘Top 10’ was of course PS Waverley – so we are looking forward to the Waverley’s regular Autumn visit to the Thames. One of the best trips is the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society’s evening round-trip cruise on 7th October from Tower Pier, passing under a floodlight Tower Bridge and then past Canary Wharf (windows all lit up), it is a great experience as the paddles churn away, the engine throbs and the jazz band plays.

Tickets are at

It’s also a great opportunity to buy a copy of Hurricane Hutch on board!

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