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Hurricane Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde Audiobook

by Captain Robin L Hutchison. Narrated by Bill Paterson

Also available in Hardback!

Bill Paterson’s uniquely recognisable Scottish voice brings
a gentleness and authority to the storytelling of Hurricane
Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde, including PS Waverley.
Captain Hutchison’s personal perspective on the Clyde.
Run Time 125 minutes.

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£14.50 inc VAT

Price £25.00 (UK only incl VAT, p&p)

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PS Waverley on the Clyde with Tim Dunn

Price £8.50

Well-known transport historian and broadcaster Tim Dunn explores the Waverley in this
extended episode of ‘Stormy Weather’ as the ship heads for the seaside town of Largs on
Scotland’s Clyde Coast. Run Time 24 minutes.

Hurricane Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde Hardback

by Captain Robin L Hutchison

Look Inside This Book

Price £25.00 (UK only incl p&p)

An insiders look at 35 years on the Clyde. The story of an iconic era and its ships. “Robin is an excellent story-teller with an eye for detail and a well-developed and gentle wit.” Featuring Waverley, Caledonia, Jupiter, Jeanie Deans, Queen Mary II and the Hebridean Princess. Hardback, 80 pages, printed in full colour, over 90 photographs.

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