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Posted by Richard on November 16th, 2015

We were delighted when Richard E Grant agreed to work on the project and that he was intrigued by the notion of vegetarian tigers fighting to save Tigeropolis. But just how good would such a serious actor be at mimicking elephant calls? And did he growl ? Yes, these were the key questions we asked ourselves when casting Richard to narrate our first Tigeropolis book – Beyond the Deep Forest. But we needn’t have concerned ourselves. The Swaziland born star of Game of Thrones, Jekyll & Hyde, Downton Abbey, Dr Who, Corpse Bride, Gosford Park and Withnail & I was the perfect choice for the reading.

Richard brought a well judged blend of character voices and an instinctive understanding of nature and wildlife to the project. He really caught the spirit of Bittu and Matti, and his Uncle Raj might have been born to the part!

The recording took place at Molinare, one of London’s top production facilities. Kay produced, drawing on her skills from her days at BBC Radio, Decca and C4 (but this time without the razor blades and sticky tape). Thanks go to Associate Producer, Ross Burridge (Spinning Finch) and of course to Sound Engineer Steve Speed at Molinare. Indeed Molinare could not have been more helpful, fitting us in at short notice to accommodate Richard’s schedule, and still servicing all their other bookings.

The Audiobook should be available on and on iTunes in early December 2015, as well as through a range of other specialist platforms, and will also be available as a CD. We are pleased to say too that Richard will also be narrating the other books in the series (due out in March & Sept 2016). So hopefully soon you will be downloading the audiobook and judging for yourself just how well Richard caught the mood…….


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