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TLA – Health Tech Competition

Posted by Kay on October 24th, 2014

Well done to 11Health last night – an inspiring winner of our first Tech London Advocates HealthTech Competition and thanks to Simmons & Simmons for hosting.

11Health is the brain child of Michael Seres whose company produces a product to helps patients with ostomies manage their condition day-to day. He invented the device and the associated App based on his own experiences as a patient – the company itself is called 11Heath as he was only the 11th patient in the UK to undergo a rare bowel transplant.

The device is both a money saver and something that improves the lives of patients.

Michael is a determined guy who already has his product under test in 11 major hospitals in the US and is working to get acceptance in the UK (although he is finding the complexities of the NHS more daunting even that the USA’s Federal Drugs Agency (he already has approval there) – perhaps a note for politicians and policy makers….


Hopefully with the support of Tech London Advocates and the Mayor’s MedCity initiative Michael’s persistence will pay off soon.

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