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Tigeropolis Adventure Puzzle Game – Now Launched on Apple TV!

Posted by Kay on December 16th, 2016

Yes – budding explorers and conservationists of all ages can now have fun guiding tiger cub Bittu as he learns new skills and works out how best to get the news out that there really are tigers in Tigeropolis!

The Tigeropolis Puzzle Adventure Game is based on the acclaimed children’s series. Now on AppleTV. Search Tigeropolis on the App Store.

Belle Media, and long term collaborators Spinning Finch, have worked together over the recent months to bring the Tigeropolis story to the big screen – well onto Apple TV at least.

The interactive game is based on the Tigeropolis books also published by Belle Media.

Players guide tiger cub Bittu through a series of puzzles and challenges as he learns new skills and has to work out how to get the good news out that the tigers are back.

Kids of all ages can now explore the world of Tigeropolis as Bittu outsmarts pesky humans and cracks puzzles.

For the first 3 months the game is exclusive to AppleTV – iPhone and iPad versions will follow.

At £1.49 we reckon its probably the best value app budding tiger cubs will ever spend on learning new jungle skills…

To get the App just go to the Apple TV App Store and search for Tigeropolis.

Good hunting!

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