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Tigeropolis – 5 x Radio Eco Features

Children Challenge Climate Change

Posted by Richard on October 31st, 2021

Gillian Burke with children from Ladock C of E Primary at the Cornwall Beaver Project learning how beavers build their dams

We’ve been working with Eco-champions from schools across the country on a new Fun Kids radio show for Winter 2022. Our eco-champions have been quizzing some of the country’s best-known natural history broadcasters and filmmakers on the issues that matter to them.

The Tigeropolis Eco-features take children out of the classroom into the real world and help them…

…discover how beavers can benefit the natural landscape; uncover the true scale of plastic pollution in our oceans; explore the potential for rewilding our countryside; learn first-hand about tiger behaviour in the wild; and understand how climate change is affecting the polar regions.

The five specially recorded Tigeropolis Eco-features accompany our brand new Tigeropolis comedy adventure series. Both series are on Fun Kids DAB Radio and on local FM stations starting 14th Jan 2022.

Series Producer, Kay explains, “We wanted to give the children the chance to ask experts questions about the things they care about. The children jumped at the chance. Working with schools in Glasgow, Cornwall,West London, Sussex, and the Isle of Wight, and experts including Gillian Burke (Biologist and Springwatch Presenter), Jo Ruxton (Producer, A Plastic Ocean for Netflix and founder Ocean Generation), Doug Allen (David Attenborough’s long-time filmmaker/collaborator and polar expert) and Megan McCubbin (Zoologist, Author and Presenter Springwatch & Planet Defenders) the series really gets to the heart of each issue.

Megan McCubbin launches the series. She took children from Bay CE Primary School, Isle of Wight, to the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary at Sandown. It’s somewhere special to her, having volunteered there when she was growing up. Megan spent a busy afternoon talking about tiger conservation, with more than a little help from Natasha and Zoppa, the Sanctuary’s two rescued tigers – animals she cared for as a Wildheart volunteer.

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