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Hurricane Hutch Goes to Press

Posted by Richard on December 1st, 2013

There is something wonderful in today’s digital world about being able to see physical processes in action – the clank and whirrrr of machinery, the smell of the ink and paper and the skills of a master printer as he adjust colours and ink densities on the massive Heidelberg Press on instruction from Andrew (our talented designer) and then, after all that, then watch the printer grab exactly the right test sheet as it comes off the press at 100 sheets a minute, and looks down with pride on a job well done.

We’ve spent the day at Fox Print in Tunbridge Wells watching our first book – “Hurricane Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde” – go to print. It’s hard back, 80 pages – all full colour – and we’re told its going to be one of the definitive, ‘must have’ books about the Clyde.

It tells the story of the Clyde over the last 40 years through the eyes of Kay’s father, Captain Robin Hutchison. Robin was one of Calmac’s longest serving and most experienced captains – a born storyteller. The book is full of funny stories and quirky incidents from a by-gone era – a time when tens of thousands of Glaswegians headed ‘Doon the Watter’ every summer for a fortnight by the sea.

Its also something that has helped Kay rediscover stories she has not heard in years and helped link Robin with friends he lost touch with as we sought to track down old photographs. Getting colour photos has been quite a challenge in many cases, but its also rekindled our faith in people as they search through drawers and old albums to help properly evoke the spirit of the times and the glories of the Clyde Steamers.

Printing will all be done this week but binding can’t happen until New Year as the binders are still doing last minute Christmas orders. Its due in the shops in mid January, but with luck we should have one copy ready for Kay to present to her dad on Christmas Day!

Designer, Andrew Cook checks colours carefully for the Front Cover.

Designer, Andrew Cook checks colours carefully for the Front Cover.

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