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Bill Paterson narrates Hurricane Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde

Posted by Richard on April 8th, 2021

Bill Paterson brings his unique and unmistakable voice and wisdom to this wonderful retelling of Captain Hutchison’s best-selling social history of life on the Clyde.

Bill rarely narrates audiobooks, so we were so lucky he agreed. And as he told The Daily Express, he was predisposed to the project, remarking,

“When this came up, I felt drawn to it… I travelled on these boats and was part of that mythology. Hurricane Hutch had a career that will never be lived again.”

He also told us a bit more about his own personal connection to the project…

“We spent our childhood cruising on those boats. I had an aunt who lived in Dunoon, so I was up and down there, sometimes sailing all the way from the centre of Glasgow. I was also friends with the late great sculptor George Wyllie whose Gourock house overlooked the Tail o’ the Bank. He had been a customs officer and what he didn’t know about Clyde shipping wasn’t worth knowing”

You can hear a clip of the audiobook on our YouTube channel here

The audiobook is available on Audible and other platforms. And a CD version is also available here

Running time 2hrs 5 mins

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