Tigeropolis – A World of Adventure for Kids

Tigeropolis is perhaps best described by this quote from leading Environmentalist and Author, Stanley Johnson...

“I so much enjoyed Tigeropolis. It was lively and imaginative. Such fun to read! I shall be giving it to my grand-children for Christmas!"

Tigeropolis – A World of Adventure for Kids

Tigeropolis is the story of a group of tigers battling to save their forest from the chop. It’s fun, yet also with a strong conservation message that should appeal to children of all ages. The main target audience is 8 – 10 year olds.

Initially three books are planned in the Tigeropolis series, with the first, ‘Beyond the Deep Forest’, published Oct 2015.

Given the multi-title format Belle have developed a year long release strategy across multiple platforms – printed books, e-books and audio formats, as well as launching an innovative Interactive Story Book aimed at the new Apple TV platform. The full range of titles and platforms will be available late 2016.

Belle Media is also exploring ways in which the story can be used to help conservation organizations discover new ways to engage with audiences.

Whatever happens, one thing is for certain; central characters Bittu, Matti, Tala and Uncle Raj are likely to have many more adventures.

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